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1. Driver Ed program is for driving instruction NOT CAR SERVICE  (for pick up & delivery)
2. Call HOTLINE 718-258-2289 weekly for updates or check online at
3.  Please be on time for instruction and for LECTURES
4. LECTURES:  Must bring a writing instrument and text book to each class
5.  Need to give Mrs. May a copy of your learner's permit.
6. Balance of $225/$200 is due at lecture after Succot
7. Payment of $20 for text book.

Homework assignment for lecture after Succot is;  

 READINGS:  pages 8 - 36

Answer in book questions on bottom of pages:  9 , 12,  29, 32

Monday, September 26, 2016


I need information about lectures, driving, cancellations, weather concerns...

What DO I DO?

Call HOTLINE 718-258-2289

Thursday, September 15, 2016

DRIVING is beginning

Hi young ladies and young men,

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Driving sessions do not include PICK UP and DELIVERY, our program is established to teach driving skills & strategies not as Car Service! 

It is extremely difficult to reach you by phone or text, if your phone is broken or battery not working. 

Any suggestions?!?!?

When emailing or texting, please include your name so that I know who is asking a queston...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Driving begins on Wed,  Sept. 14th

  • You will be called/texted with driving time & pick-up location
  • Bring your permit with you to driving instruction
  • PROMPTLY - ON TIME - EXACT - all means "no lateness"!
  • Instruction time includes 'real driving' and 'observation time'
  • No usage of phones, IPODS, etc.  during driving instruction
  • Keep a personal record of your driving time
  • Call HOTLINE regarding weather cancellations
  • Drivers are not responsible to drive you home yet will leave you off at a convenient bus stop,  train or within walking distance. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

FALL Driver Ed program 2016

Registration for Fall session of Driver ED begins in late August.

Scroll down to Driver Ed application, print the application, fill in all information neatly and correctly.  Send the application to the addresses noted on the application with a $300 deposit.

You must have a DMV PERMIT in order to register for Driver Ed. 

ORIENTATION/Registration DATES will be announced shortly. (Usually last week in August and first week in September) YOU MUST ATTEND AN ORIENTATION in order to JOIN FALL DRIVER ED.

Any questions,  email:

Monday, January 18, 2016

Driver Ed Info Sheet

1. To learn proper driving skills, increase your knowledge of safety procedures and develop correct driving habits, behaviors and skills.
2. So that you CAN DRIVE in New York City at 17 yrs. old. (without completing a driver's education course you can begin driving in NYC at 18 yrs old).
3. To REDUCE your auto insurance liability rates till age 21.
When does the Driver Ed course begin?
Fall session:   September through January     &   Spring Session:   February through June.
Can you register/begin Driver Ed WITHOUT a Learner's Permit?
You can register BUT you can NOT begin driving lessons WITHOUT a Permit.  Plus you must have a Learner's Permit for SIX months before you can take a road test.
How do you obtain a Learner's Permit?
You must go down to a nearby DMV - Department of Motor Vehicle office (there is one on Neptune Avenue - near the Aquarium). with an original birth certificate/passport, a social security card, check payment and parental permission to obtain a learner's permit.  The internet site for the DMV is It is full of important information and the learner's permit application can be downloaded & printed there. You will need to pass a 20 question multiple choice test,  take an eye test and be photographed. It is illegal to drive in the 5 boroughs of NY with a learner's permit. The permit is valid till age 21 and is needed for scheduling a road test.
What does the Drivers Ed course consist of?
     Driving Lessons:  Driving lessons are given once a week concentrating on proper driving skills and techniques while observing 'live auto situation.  Driving slots are available early morning before school, after school hours, Friday and Sunday beginning at 8:30Am. Students drive in groups, so there is an opportunity to drive, learn and observe others.  During driving --- cell phones or any mobile devices are prohibited and will be taken away.  Be sure to exchange telephone numbers with co-drivers and instructor and to notify them in advance (24 hours minimum) if there is an change in your driving schedule. Your are personally responsible to be on time for your driving sessions and to use your time wisely.  The NYS DRIVER ED program provides you  with 6 HOURS of behind the wheel training as determined by law.  It is advisable to keep a personal record of your driving session to insure proper time allocation.
   Weekly Lectures:      Girls: There are a choice of three weekly lectures - Tuesday ,Wednesday & Thursday at 5:30 ONLY,. You are responsible to ATTEND one of them.   Boys:  Lectures are given on Friday at either 1:00 or 2:00.  Lectures begin promptly, attendance is taken, a textbook (cost $20) is required, and readings, homework and tests are administered.  Driver Education MV-285 is distributed ONLY when all course requirements are completed.  *** It is essential to check the HOTLINE 718-258-2289 or online at  WEEKLY for all updated news, changes or information.
How do you register for Drivers Ed?
Download/ print an application from (or a permission note from a parent),  copy of your PERMIT and deposit of $300 & either send to C. May a 1224 east 27th Street, bklyn 11210 or bring to a ORIENTATION/Registration session.  It is preferred if you are 16 and few months at registration.  Driving slots are secured according to  "First come....first serve" registration.
When do you receive your MV-285 driver ed COMPLETION CERTIFICATE?
Completion Certificates are distributed at the end of the course when all requirements are completed (attendance & passed lectures, driving time, finances).  This certificate qualifies your for SENIOR DRIVING privileges at age 17 and insurance reduction rates.
When can you take a ROAD TEST and begin driving?
Towards the end of DE you can schedule your road test, provided that your permit is 6 months old. Be aware that there is usually a 3-4 week wait to obtain a road test date.  You may take your road test with any licensed driver over the age of 21 or opt for your instructor to accompany you for the test ($). Drivers Ed does NOT include road test appointments or service.   Good luck!
What is the cost of the program?       $500 total
Email is the place for messages, requests or concerns.

Check our website at for the most updated information regarding the Shulamith Drivers' Education Program.

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